Posted on Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 8:22 pm

They should really change the title to “Hit Girl” and be done with it. Chloe Grace Moretz is somethin’ else – that little girl has a way with a stunt wire. I want there to be a movie of just Moretz and Eliza Dushku beating the shit out of people. They’re both just so natural with their fight scenes, it’s a thing of beauty (to clarify, Dushku isn’t in this movie; she’s just the best ladyfighter I happen to have seen).

I have it on good authority that for the most part, this movie is utterly UNfaithful to the comic, which is a pity because from what I hear, the comic’s story is much, much darker and more compelling. Luckily, for once I have not had the movie ruined because I haven’t read the comics yet!

But I still did not have my world rocked, although I did enjoy it. I got a little bored and distracted every time Hit Girl wasn’t in a scene, and I was not impressed with Nic Cage (I’m sure he thought his Adam West impression was hilarious, but I found it pointless). Still, everyone is sweet and Matthew Vaughn, the director, has always had a great feel for the emotional range of violence – sometimes it’s light and awesome or funny, sometimes it’s upsetting and sad or scary. Aaron Johnson brings the right mix of naiveté and horrified gumption. Although, seriously, slapping a pair of glasses on a pretty person does not magically render them Nerdy And Unattractive – have we learned nothing from Superman? McLovin does a nice job, although I’m beginning to consider him a one-trick pony. Mark Strong and his snaggletooth continue to be a consistently competent go-to villain (can’t wait to see him as Sinestro in Green Lantern) – also, his stereotypical Italian mob accent is delightful.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start penning my screenplay for Chloe and Eliza Fuck Shit Up: 3D.

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4 Responses to “Kick-Ass”

  1. Fan of Excess says:

    Well, it’s faithful right up until the cop shows up at the apartment, and then it just goes off in a totally different direction, holding only to “and then there is a show-down at the end”.

    I would pay big $$ to see “Chloe and Eliza Fuck Shit Up: 3D”.

  2. Riot Kitty says:

    LMAO at that last line! I’d totally pay to see that, too! 😉

  3. Archphoenix says:

    Didn’t Mark Millar write “Kick-Ass?” He also wrote “Wanted” and I must say, it’s really rare that I say this but the movie adaptation of that was much, much, MUCH better than the book. Perhaps there’s a theme here?

  4. Big Mouth says:

    I HAVE heard several grown-ups say they aren’t the biggest fans of Millar’s stuff. I’ve not read any yet (although Kick-Ass is queued up), but Kees showed me a bit and Hit Girl is way cooler-looking in the movie. Also Kick-Ass himself is like, an underdeveloped 14-year-old, but I can see how that might be visually confusing to have too close in assumed age so I support making him an older teen.

    Funny, I haven’t seen Wanted, but it got shit reviews and Kees told me I’d be afraid of Angelina’s bones shooting through her skin, so I resisted even the call of Sexy Goat Man. And since this movie has instilled a desire to see action heroines that aren’t sexualized, I’m thinking maybe I won’t.

    I mean, it’s pretty much just Ripley and Hit Girl, plus half a point for Sarah Conner in T2.

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