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Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey

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You sunk my battleship!!


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Piiiig! Of! DESSStinyyyyy!!!

3:10 To Yuma

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SHIT YEAH! i didn’t even know i liked westerns. Ben Foster is a complete genius – god, i hope he isn’t a scientologist.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

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requires _extreme_ patience from the viewer – i couldn’t recommend it for most, frankly, and i don’t think it will work on the small screen.
a very quiet, powerful bit of character-studying that has stuck with me. genius, intense music, cinematography and acting.


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Ed Harris directed, acted, and co-wrote the screenplay – he needs to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. wooden, awkward dialog, TERRIBLE cinematography (shot like a backlot TV movie) with incongruous, repetitive music. Viggo Mortensen is like a fresh peach blossom at the top of a small turd. seriously, Viggo is a joy to watch, and he did so much with so little. Renee Zellweger did nothing to flesh out her one dimensional role, which i’m going to blame on Director Ed. Jeremy Irons is incongruous and ineffectual here, which is a goddamn shame. this whole movie was a waste of time and talent that didn’t even try hard enough to be truly shitty.

Role Models

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not earth-shakingly hilarious, but funny and cute enough to be worth it (much like Pineapple Express). did i miss the memo, or is Paul Rudd totally hot all of a sudden? the little boy in this is a major scene-stealer and provides the best laughs. i’m normally not a fan of Stifler, but he manages to make his eyes focus once or twice here, so kudos on that. McLovin is surprisingly affecting, like in a “real” acting kind of way, too.

I Love You, Man

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really very cute. the supporting cast is a veritable who’s who of Hey, It’s That Guy! – Funny And/Or Jewish Edition. not exactly earth-shaking or the cutting edge of comedy, but adorable and funny.

at first i was not totally sold on Jason Segal being the irreverent cool one and Paul Rudd being the awkward odd one, but it keeps you on your toes. also? pretty sure not a stitch of acting here; i think those 2 actors are exactly like that in real life.

OMG, Jon Favreau, best douchebag portrayal EVER. EVER EVER!!!

Funny People

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this is actually 3 movies: first is “Adam Sandler Dying”, which is really VERY good and funny and thought-provoking. next is “The Retarded Romance Of Suddenly Unlikable Jackasses”, which is lame and annoying, but does feature Eric Bana as Awesome Australian Stereotype, and he is so unexpectedly hilarious your bladder control will be strained. the final movie in this movie is “Completely Not Believable Bromance”, which only takes 5 minutes and that’s too long.
actually worth renting for Eric Bana!

The Hangover

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ZOMG, so completely hilarious! EVERY single person in this movie is perfectly cast and their own unique brand of funny, although it must be said that Zach Galifinakis shines like the morning sun. certainly not in line for an Oscar, but funny as hell with absolutely no slow spots or lulls in the hilarity. actually well-paced and filmed, above and beyond.