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i don’t know why the reviews aren’t better – i thought this was a really entertaining, fun little movie. it’s simple, all the actors are terrific and sympathetic, and i liked the effects.


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plays like Zack Snyder only felt confident in his direction after he got halfway through – it’s a little uneven, especially through the first hour, but you know what else is uneven? the graphic novel.

i support pretty much all the story/detail changes made, and for all its initial awkwardness the movie really gathers steam by the midpoint and commits, turning out actually pretty awesome.

Rorshach and Nite Owl are virtuoso performances, startlingly identical to the source characters, visually and spiritually. Jackie Earle Haley, HOLY SHIT; that is a talented motherfucker.
(Malin Akerman: also spot on, although i never did like that character so i care less about her great acting.)
The Comedian isn’t as strongly acted as i’d have liked, and i feel Ozymandias was played in a way that might ruin an important plot suspense point that occurs late in the game.

TERRIBLE MUSIC! *PTOOIE*, they should be ashamed of their shitty music! i can’t decide if the awful music was artfully intentional, and therefore a tragic misstep, or just a mark of an incompetent music department. decent music would have brought this up at least half a star for me, if not more. it’s hard to describe how lame and jarring the music is – shitty, shitty, shitty.

X-Men Origins – Wolverine

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SUPER CORNY. action is decent, but predictable. everyone looks like a million bucks, and most of the actors try their best with the extremely limited resources. especially Liev Schreiber, holy crap! he can deliver the cheesiest dialog in the universe and make it work. he should sell ShamWows.
Ryan Reynolds is really pretty good, too – who knew?!
also, re:Gambit: has NO ONE been to Louisiana?! isn’t Gambit supposed to be Creole? he sounds like he’s from Savannah, when he bothers with the accent at all. although, even that is far better than Anna Paquin’s CRIMINAL Cajun accent, *ptooie*